Travelchat is a Facebook Messenger chatbot for travellers

A truly easy-to-use travel guide for travellers who want to explore at their own pace.

Introducing TravelChat


Your new personal travel guide!


Our chatbot guides you during your explorations step-by-step with on-demand rich-media contents.


Get insights from locals, right when you need them! All our contents are crafted by local experts.

No books, no maps.

And yes.. its free!

Super easy to use

  1. Just open Facebook Messenger and search for @Yourtravelchat
  2. Start a conversation
  3. Select the city you are traveling to


Think about the options available for travelers:

  • Paper travel guides are nice, useful, but obsolete
  • Lots of websites/apps offer great insights, but require time and willingness to browse through different resources
  • Local guides/buddies are fantastic, but not for everyone

We believe there’s room for other options in the travel guide sector, especially because people travel less prepared and rely more on last minute, local information.

No need to install an app
Get insights from locals
Free forever

For city editors

Do you love your city and know every single corner? Why don’t you write your own travel guide?

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